Thursday, May 29, 2008


I've been prepping fiber lately. I really want to spin, a lot, so I figure if I prep a bunch of fiber it would be easier for me to just pick up and spin. It will also help me out because I am ever so impatient and loathe prepping fiber when I want to just sit down and spin and consequently I prep as I go which definitely leads to inefficiency. So far I've prepped two 4 oz. rovings; one from Hello Yarn called Threatened by Rust (which I have yet to take a picture and wish I had taken a picture before I pre-drafted but there is the link for Hello Yarn's flickr picture) and one from Poppy Flower Fibers called Pond.Pictured above: Pond by Poppy Flower Fibers
My stash of rovings and fiber is ridiculous but I can't seem to stop purchasing more. Hello Yarn and Poppy Flower Fibers are two of my favorite hand dyer's and I just love their sense of color.

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