Friday, January 30, 2009

Making Progress

It sure is nice to have a company phone. I lost my phone Wednesday. By Thursday morning I had a new one. The only thing missing is my personal phone numbers, but I'm working on that.

Jennie came over last night to hang out and knit. I got several more repeats done on Clappy. She's coming along nice and while I'm happy with it, I do wish I would have made it wider. I should have plenty of yarn left over to make a nice hat and possibly some mitts, though, so I can't complain ;-)
I went stash diving last night and found some good stuff. While I am finishing up my scarf I am seriously pondering my next project. It's not that I don't already have other projects on the needles (like an old sweater, a million socks....) but I need something new, something fresh. Shuffling through skeins of sock yarn, sweaters-worth of worsted yarns, even a long jacket's worth of some fingering yarn. I just don't know what direction to turn; I want to knit something I haven't before. Something complicated and easy. I don't want to knit a shawl (although looking at the Kauni I have in the stash makes me want to make a lacy wrap, but not right now. I'm just at a loss. I love knitting the basics: hats, scarves, mitts, sweaters, socks....but I want something different.
Perhaps I will do some spinning...
What are you knitting that's different?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am Lost Without You

O Phone, Phone! wherefore art thou Phone?

I lost my cell phone. Lost. Gone. Never to be seen again. Unless the snow melts and I miraculously find it (doubtful). I got to work yesterday morning and didn't have it on me. I thought maybe I just left it at home so I didn't bother looking in the parking lot for it. When I got home and couldn't find it, I was kicking myself. I had people call it, I stood outside my house and listened, hoping I would hear it vibrate (yes, it was on vibrate), no chance! It's gone. I have to come to terms with that. I have lost all my personal phone numbers. Oh, did I mention this was a company phone? Yeah, not fun. So, the company is working on getting me a loaner phone until I can get me one of those new Blackberry's with DC that the boytoy was going to get me. I'm still hoping that he will get it for me...but I'm thinking I'm going to be getting it for myself.

Oh well; such is life. Things happen.

On a lighter note, there has been more knitting. I am coming along on Clappy and by the end of the evening I should be at least, if not more, half way done with her. A friend is coming over this evening to knit. I'm excited as this will be only the second time we will have met. She's sweet and I hope we form a solid friendship.

I've also been talking about designing another sweater. I have at least five or six sweater's worth of yarn in the stash (and I'm talking the good stuff). I am going to come up with a design and then choose which yarn to use.

Edited to add: I just got a replacement phone....but I have no personal contacts :(

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If You're Happy and You Know It...

I'm way past this point, but I don't have a more current picture...yet. I'm enjoying the simplicity of the pattern and really loving the outcome. I wish I had made the scarf a little wider, I think I will have a lot of yarn left over. But in the case that I do, I will make a matching hat. And if I make it to a yarn shop, maybe I can find worsted or chunky yarn to match for some mittens.

I've also pulled out an old sock to knit on. No pics of that yet either, but I'm thinking that I'm going to work hard and finish them up. It'd be really nice to have a new pair of socks for the first time in forever.

I went to knit night last night and had a really great time; though there were few in attendance. I have missed knit night. Before last week, I hadn't been there in over four months. I've been missing out for sure. Luckily my local knit night is held at a Panera Bread (yummy teas and coffee drinks) and it's every Monday. It's awesome.

Friday, January 23, 2009

On Cloud 9 (and other projects)

I finished this sweater back in October. I just never got pictures taken. These two pictures aren't very good and you can't really see the sweater all that great but at least I can prove to you that I did it. The yarn is Dream in Color Classy in Black Parade.

I also started on Clapotis (Clappy). I'm further now than I am in the picture. I'm using lace weight on size 4 needles. I'm going more for a scarf effect rather than a wrap. This is the yarn the Jennie gave me and it is beautiful.

I knit this scarf a long time ago. It's silk garden in two contrasting colors. 4 skeins to make this simple entrelac scarf. It's very warm. I just wanted to show it off.

I've also done a little bit of spinning. This is just 38 yards of a bulky weight yarn. 50% merino 50% baby llama. It's very soft and the llama gave it a nice halo. It was just an experiment. I am going to (eventually) spin enough yarn for a matching hat, scarf, and mitten set. Hopefully I will get a jump on that this weekend if I don't spend too much time with Clappy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I love Ravelry. I do. I love it for many reasons. I love seeing what people around the world are knitting. I love seeing what projects people are knitting with what yarns. I love finding new shops and new dyers. But most of all, I love that I can find people that live near me that share in my obsession. After chatting back and forth a bunch of times on Ravelry, a woman and I decided to meet. Being somewhat new to the area and working in construction it has been difficult to find friends that (1) are not male, (2) are my age, and (3) knit. I was ecstatic to learn that this woman doesn't live far from me. And on top of that, we seem to have so much in common. She was so sweet; she even brought me a skein of Dream in Color Baby. I wish I had thought to come bearing gifts. I want to do something special for her. Not only did she bestow upon me a wonderful skein, but has given me the inspiration to knit something that I have always wanted to. Clapotis. I wound my yarn last night, I have my needles, and I will cast on at lunch.

Monday, January 19, 2009


For those of you that know me, and those that don't:

I've had a few rough patches the last year and a half and I hate to say it, but here I am again....another rough patch. I could use your support, in any way. It's always nice to know that you are cared about; especially when the person you care most about has just shown you the door, told you to walk through it, and, literally, right now.

The upside to all this is that I have high hopes for returning to my true love--knitting and spinning. I'll be going to knit night tonight, which I have not been to in months, and I am going to have fun with (hopefully) very little crying.

Wish me luck, I need it!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I told you so

I told you I have been knitting; I even took photos to prove it:
"Keep me Warm, Please" hat--Noro Iro

"Scarves and Stripes"--Universal Inc. Deluxe Worsted LP in Sea + Sand.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hump Day

I just love this sweater, so I thought I'd just post a pic of it. I have been knitting recently. I have half a scarf done but I've run out of yarn. I knew that ultimately I would need another ball....but still haven't purchased it. I started another pair of mitts (I need to stock up on these. My family likes to give them away to various people that express their *likes* of them on the street, in a store, etc.) so I figured I would just knit up a stock. I might as well go purchase the yarn I need for the scarf while I'm thinking about it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's been two months...

I don't have much today, or much to explain why I haven' posted in nearly two months. But I have an old FO to show. It's a sweater that I knitted long ago. I don't know what yarn, except it's cotton. It was the second sweater I knit (both the first and second were of my own design) so it does have some flaws but it's okay. I never really wear it, it's been worn once or twice. I take it out of the closet to pet it or try it on but it rarely leaves the house. Enough of the jibber-jabber:

I've done other knitting as well. Hopefully I will get some pictures taken soon!