Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am Lost Without You

O Phone, Phone! wherefore art thou Phone?

I lost my cell phone. Lost. Gone. Never to be seen again. Unless the snow melts and I miraculously find it (doubtful). I got to work yesterday morning and didn't have it on me. I thought maybe I just left it at home so I didn't bother looking in the parking lot for it. When I got home and couldn't find it, I was kicking myself. I had people call it, I stood outside my house and listened, hoping I would hear it vibrate (yes, it was on vibrate), no chance! It's gone. I have to come to terms with that. I have lost all my personal phone numbers. Oh, did I mention this was a company phone? Yeah, not fun. So, the company is working on getting me a loaner phone until I can get me one of those new Blackberry's with DC that the boytoy was going to get me. I'm still hoping that he will get it for me...but I'm thinking I'm going to be getting it for myself.

Oh well; such is life. Things happen.

On a lighter note, there has been more knitting. I am coming along on Clappy and by the end of the evening I should be at least, if not more, half way done with her. A friend is coming over this evening to knit. I'm excited as this will be only the second time we will have met. She's sweet and I hope we form a solid friendship.

I've also been talking about designing another sweater. I have at least five or six sweater's worth of yarn in the stash (and I'm talking the good stuff). I am going to come up with a design and then choose which yarn to use.

Edited to add: I just got a replacement phone....but I have no personal contacts :(

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