Monday, November 2, 2009

Fun in the Morning

So I was getting ready this morning and my kitten, Hazi was in the bathroom with me. There had been a plastic grocery bag at my feet from the new curling iron I bought. Hazi was playing with it, making all sorts of noise. Then I noticed the noise stopped. So I started looking around for Hazi and couldn't find her anywhere. I was starting to worry since I had the bedroom door closed and there would have been no way for her to get out of the room. I'm looking and looking and decided that maybe she was just under the bed. I continued getting ready. She's usually at my feet so I kept wondering where she'd gone. It didn't dawn on me to actually look INSIDE the plastic bag. Yep, she curled up inside the bag...I couldn't even tell she was in it. I was laughing and trying to get to a the time I grabbed my phone to snap a pic, she'd come out of the bag to see what I was doing. I wish I'd have gotten the pic while she was still completely in the bag; it was the cutest thing. I know cats do this all the time and there is no reason to get all "awwwwwwh" on you guys....but it was cute....and she is MY cat ;)

Have a great day!


Jaylene said...

What a cute story. I love kittens. I love their personalities

Mia said...

cute! I never seem to have a camera handy when there's somethin' cute to take a pic of :)

Marigold said...

still cute! what a sweetie!