Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sock Saturday Project

Last week, I got together with my friend Maryann. She's a local woman and fantastic dyer of yarns. She dyed the yarn for my cowl pattern (rav link). We are collaborating for the first Sock Saturday at Starstruck Cat Studio on a special yarn and I designed the sock pattern.

Maryann knit the single-stranded blanks on her flat bed knitting machine with sport weight yarn. She then dyed all 14 of them a light shade of pink, tonal.

We took six+ shades of red and maroon and painted them. Flowers, hearts, stars, swirls, zigzags, dots, and love bugs adorn the blank.

Here is all 14 of them drying. They share the same large designs, but they are all unique.

I began knitting the sock, unraveling as I went. I made the leg longer than I normally would have, but I just loved how the colors are knitting up and there is plenty of yarn to make two long and/or big socks.

I finished the first sock before I was half way through the blank, which is fine. I don't want my socks to be the same or opposites of each other. Fraternal socks are awesome socks!

One of my non-knitter guy friends called them "bacon socks." Men, always thinking about food.

I love ten row lace patterns. I think they make the time and the rows fly by. I absolutely adore the lacy hearts on this sock. I couldn't find a stitch pattern that I liked, so I had to improvise my own. It took me a few tries to get the hearts to look the way I wanted. I LOVE the way this sock turned out.

I'm so excited to release the pattern on Saturday. It will be available on Ravelry on Saturday evening as well.

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