Friday, March 4, 2011

Lovin' the Lucky Socks

I absolutely love knitting socks.  Sometimes I forget how much I love knitting them.  Before last month, I hadn't knit a sock in over two years.  I picked up one or two that I've had on the needles for a while, but just didn't feel the love.

Part of me feels like it's the yarn.  And let me tell you--I absolutely love this yarn.  Unfortunately it is only available locally (although I'm trying to get her on etsy).  Part of it is the pattern.  I have always written my own patterns.  Sometimes they work out....sometimes they don't.  That's the thing I love about socks.  It's kind of hard to mess them up.  You could hate a pattern; but the socks are still wearable.  If the socks are not wearable for you, they may fit someone else.  And if you don't even like to wear hand knit socks, there is nothing more satisfying than finishing beautiful socks.

These aren't finished yet...but they will be soon.  I started them this evening and I don't think I'll be able to put them down until they are on my feet.

Pattern will be available soon!


M Valentine said...

Too funny, I just starting knitting socks again. The socks were started when I was pregnant with Julia. She's going to be 2yrs old this month. Your socks are beautiful!

Marigold said...

Pretty! I was wondering what those sock blanks would look like knitted up.