Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I hate weaving

Either late last year or early this year, I started and finished knitting a sweater in which I designed. It had a large band of colorwork near the cuff of the sleeves and near the bottom of the cardigan's body. Three accent colors plus the background of the sweater. It was knit from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK and it is so plush. It has also been sitting in my WIP basket for months and months...weaving not done. So...having knit night last night, I decided to take in the sweater so that maybe the other knitters would force me to finish it. Although they did not actually have to MAKE me finish it; I did. I got all the ends woven in and when I got home I sewed on the buttons (coconut buttons). It was meant to be more of a house sweater than something I would wear out in public--not because it is ugly, but because it's shape isn't all that flattering to my figure. I'm just so excited that I finished it!!

Pictures one day soon, I hope!

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Secret Pal said...

Yay! *does the finishing dance*. I still need to get some more things and you package should be out.

-upstream sp