Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mmmmm, Soy Silk

I picked up this yummy Soy Silk from SWTC in the Rainbow colorway this weekend while at River Knits' Sock Club. It's nice and soft and so silky smooth...I have begun predrafting and with any luck I will be spinning some by this weekend. Not too excited about the bright chunks of hot pink in there, but I'll cope. Anyways...there is 8 ounces here. My plan WAS to do another fractal stripe yarn like the one spun for the handspun bias rib scarf from my last post; but when I got home and took the fiber out of the bag the top was in two pieces who's color did not match nor was consecutive (very disappointing). So, I guess I will just take the larger of the two pieces and do the fractal striping method.


Upstream SP said...

Oo, that looks nice

JB said...

You are so good at everything you do :-), how do you do that? Hope you have a good weekend.