Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Penguins and Shrugs

Most people who know me know I love frogs. My bathroom is childishly decorated in frog decor, I have tons of little frog figurines and big frog statues around the living room....I love frogs!

Not everyone is about frogs, though; like my guy. My guy likes penguins. He was out of town for a week at a convention and I missed him so much. So I decided to make him a penguin (ravelry link) for when he came home. Knitting this little penguin was fun and easy. It was my first attempt at a stuffed animal and I rather enjoyed the quick knit.

In other knitting news--yes, there has actually been knitting. I am still working on socks for my guy, but they have taken a backseat to a little shrug. Two little shrugs at the moment and soon to be three. I began the first one because I always wanted one like it. I started the second one because I ran out of yarn for the first one and I couldn't get to the LYS for at least a week. Then a certain little miss saw said shrugs and wants a little pink one...so, soon to be three. Hopefully the little miss can accompany me to the LYS and pick out her yarn (she likes pink, what little miss doesn't?!). Pictures of shrugs soon and a link to the free pattern if I can find it again!


Maia said...

The penguin is so cute!

Marigold said...

cute penguin! you're sure spoiling your guy :)