Monday, July 14, 2008


I finished two shrugs and started another pair of socks.

The socks are Noro Silk Garden Sock, yum, in color S252. I also acquisitioned color S245. It's gorgeous!! I started the socks when I came home for lunch break today. I've only got three rounds done on the cuff, but I think I'm going to like it.

The shrugs are complete. One of them is a yarn I acquired long ago and have started many things and ripped them and therefore has no ball band. But it's cottony and beige in color and a really nice yarn. I altered the pattern a little bit but basically followed it. The other shrug is the same pattern, again different mods than the first one and a different yarn. This one is made of Rowan Wool Cotton in Antique held double. I love it! I finished it around midnight last night (shouldn't have stayed up so late) because I wanted to wear it to work. I got a lot of compliments.

I started the Rowan shrug first, but quickly ran out of yarn. So, I started the unknown-yarn shrug because I desperately wanted this shrug...even though I didn't get the rest of the Rowan until a week later, I finished them both within two days of each other. It was a pleasure knitting this pattern, although I didn't follow all the directions. I think I will knit more shrugs based on the same construction, but different. We'll see if I ever get there! I'm hoping to have pictures sometime soon, but I just don't know. Things are going on in my life that are drastically changing it and a lot that I thought I had I do not. I know that doesn't make any sense so think of me!


Mia said...

Oh man... you get to go HOME for lunch break? I used to do that abotu 20 years ago and I STILL miss being able to.. ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

The shrugs were absolutely beautiful on you, they made you look even prettier than you already are!