Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pictures to Come When Rain Stops


Yes, I finished it! As I stated in my last post, I ran out of yarn. After calling every store within a fifty mile radius I was still unable to locate a skein of which I needed very little yarn. I ended up ordering the yarn online Thursday afternoon and had yarn in mail box on Saturday. Unfortunately I wasn't home much on Saturday or Sunday, or Monday for that matter and didn't get to work on the sweater. However, last night I was able to complete the last row and bind off of my button band (yes, that's all I needed that skein for-one row and bind off, ridiculous!). I sewed on the buttons, tried it on and..........wore it to work today! However, upon wearing it for a few hours decided it definitely needed a collar of some sort. So, I am going to ask a few people's opinions on the subject, take pictures and ask my fellow knitters for their opinions and we will go from there. So with that said, I sure hope it stops raining while it is still light out today so that I can take pictures at some point.

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