Thursday, October 2, 2008

When Life Kicks You in the Butt

I was talking about knitting the button band the other day...did I mention how I thought I may not have enough yarn to finish? Well, I was right. I only finished nearly one row after making the button holes and I ran out. 3/4's of the button band is done and I'm out of yarn...that means that I have to get another skein. Which means a trip up to Westfield (a reasonably far distance from my house) just for one skein of yarn....hopefully they have it. If not, that means ordering online....I swear this sweater is never going to get finished!

In the mean time, I believe I will start another sweater with some beautiful Briar Rose yarn I bought this past spring at the Greencastle Fiber Event. The Briar Rose's intended purpose was a sweater vest for my sweetie, and perhaps it may still become that....I haven't decided. If I do decide to still make the vest for my sweetie...then I have some wonderful lusciously green Toasty Toes purchased at Stitches Midwest last year that I will knit a sweater out of.

Pics to come soon of almost-finished-but-needing-more-yarn sweater and of the two possible-sweater yarns.

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