Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fiber Event Goodies

This is my small but wonderful take-homesies from the Fiber Event a few weeks ago. Clockwise from top left:

Brian Rose 1500 yards wool (not sure what kind, don't have it with me) in a lovely red/little bits of pink/maroon. Sweater yarn, of course.

The two braids are yellow/orange/red and are merino...there is no "brand" if you will...just gorgeous colors that I could not pass up. Total of 8 ounces.

One pound plain white merino for dying, whenever I get around to it...squee!!

Two four ounce balls of 70merino/30alpaca roving that are heathery and wonderfully soft in a burnt orange and dark maroon. The plan is to spin these separately and ply them together. That's the plan when I bought them....who knows what the end result might be....

Below that is the Rocketry baby sweater kit. A friend of mine had a little girl and figured she probably isn't getting much, if any, knitting done and wanted to make this for her. The sweater is coming alone fine (of course fast, it IS a baby sweater). I will have finished photos soon. I need to go buy buttons for it.

And last but not least is the bag of blue/orange roving. I believe it is merino, not sure. Purchased from the Trading Post for Fiber Arts in Pendleton, IN. It was a steal, as it was priced wrong.

As you can see, most of what I purchased was "warm" except for the one "cool" bag of roving. This was unlike me and I was thrilled to have come home with colors that I don't normally gravitate towards. I love warm colors but always find myself buying cool colors. I have not done anything with any of it besides the baby sweater. I'm nearly finished with the sweater, I have one and a half sleeves to go plus buttons.

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Mia said...

Very nice haul.... and nice colors. It's all about the colors :)