Thursday, April 23, 2009

I missed my Birthday

My blog turned 2 on Sunday....I knew it was in April sometime but didn't bother to check. I've never had a contest of any sort so maybe it's about time....

So, leave a comment and a way for me to get a hold of you (ravelry user name would be great)...I'll pick a "winner" and send you something nice ;-) Wish I could think of something for a contest....yeah, I suck...ok.
Name this person:
OR give it your best shot.
Have a great day!


RacineDKringle said...

This isn't a comment to win the contest - I think his name is Frances McTwitchyeye (Seriously. Look at those eyes!)

Happy 2nd blogbirthday!

Marigold said...

i also suck at the creativity thing. I can not think of a good name to save my life. He's some Elizabethan guy, right? Sir Anthony Sandwich? lol!

Happy blogiversary!

Ladona said...

Sir Walter Raleigh? I swear he is raising one eyebrow at us.