Thursday, August 6, 2009

Knitting and Friends

I met a good friend from my old job the other day for knitting and chatting. I taught her to knit last year and she's been doing great. She is knitting her first sweater and was having a little bit of trouble with knitting on cap sleeves. Let's just say I think she's conquered the wrap-and-turn concept. The sweater looks wonderful. She, of course, notices all her mistakes (we all do, don't we?) but it's still fantastic! I worked a little on my Clappy scarf from forever ago, maybe I will actually finish it before the fall. I am nearly complete with it; I've been knitting it for so long maybe I just don't WANT to finish it...? I cast on in the new yarn for the sweater I am designing. I'm so disappointed that I didn't have enough of the Interlacements yarn I was designing the sweater for. I bought that yarn years ago...and there is no way I could ever find anything to match it. The sweater would be beautiful in Dream in Color also, but I just don't have the funds to get any right now. Maybe I can convince the boyfriend to buy me some....after making saddles maybe he will oblige. We shall see.

I have jury duty this next week. I am not excited about it. I am going to try and take in some needles and yarn, but I'm not sure how well that will go over. Need to go to the bookstore just in case....

So, I'm not sure if I told you that my mom is getting married....two weeks from tomorrow. I am so happy for her! She deserves happiness and a man that loves her and worships her. I found the perfect dress for her wedding. Tonight, I am taking Olivia (my boyfriend's daughter) with me shoe shopping. This girl seriously loves shoes and I'm more than happy to have a shopping partner.

I was supposed to get my hair done last night as well. I didn't because my stylist's son got sick and she had to go. I haven't gotten my hair cut or colored in four months. I didn't want to spend the money while I didn't have a job. Now I just have to, especially for the wedding.

So, that's all I got. Not very exciting.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a plan. congrats to your mom :)