Monday, May 12, 2014

Follow Up and More Quilting

For the last month or so I have been working on the layer cake sampler QAL hosted by Material Girl Quilts.  I've really enjoyed making these blocks.  I'm a novice quilter and was excited by the somewhat traditional looking blocks that I paired with modern fabrics.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this is turning out.  I started the sashing last night (sorry, don't have photos of that) and this quilt is going to be HUGE!  Those are 16" blocks!  I've somehow managed to screw up my lay out in sewing the rows together.  I don't have enough space in my sewing room to have this laid out on the floor, so going between my living room and sewing room are kind of screwing me up.  It doesn't matter though, it still looks gorgeous!

Last month, I posted a sneak peak of a quilt I'd just had quilted.  I'm not a good photographer, nor do I really have the space or place to take a full pic of the quilt, so here it is all folded up:

The quilting is absolutely beautiful. I'm so pleased with this quilt.  When I was organizing my fabric this weekend, I found all the scraps from the piecing of this quilt and decided to make two throw pillows to match.  They aren't really pretty, but I used almost all my scrap to make them, and only used fabrics that are in my quilt.

On a completely different note... The new meds were tried and rejected.  I've never felt so horrible in my life.  The side effects were too bad and I was told to stop taking them immediately.  Waiting for another call with another med...  I've put a call in to my local doctor, going to have my heart checked.  I have heart disease and issues on both sides of my family.  Might as well rule something else out.  My only consolation is that we have ruled out so many things...down side is we still just don't know what is causing the localized pain.  Frustrated.  Truly frustrated. 

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Elizabeth said...

That quilt is just gorgeous!! I LOVE the colors!

So sorry to hear the new medicine wasn't helpful. I hope you'll find something that works for you soon.