Monday, April 23, 2007

How Many Socks Do You Have in Progress?

Okay. Am I ready for this? Man, I just don't know. I've been saying I had too many socks in progress. But I never imagined it was THIS many! I had been saying 6 or 7, but I guess you never really know until you gather them all up and count 'em, eh? Let's take a gander, shall we?

1. Yarn-Trekking.

Pattern-Monkey (Cookie A.) from Knitty.
Fate-frog pond. I LOVE this sock, but on size one's and only 64 stitches, it just won't fit my foot! I've already taken the needles to use elsewhere, but I haven't been able to bring myself to rip-it...yet!

2. Yarn-My 2-ply Handspun from Lorna's Laces Wool.

Fate-frog pond. Nothing wrong with the yarn, but the needle size just wasn't giving me the fabric I wanted. Again, haven't ripped it yet, but it's going to happen soon.

3. Yarn-Falk (Dalegarn).

Pattern-my own (in my head) ankle socks.
Fate-Not really sure yet. This pair is for the BoyToy. They say BEARS on the front and back, but I got bored after the fair isle and just haven't returned to them yet. Besides, it's not football season anymore...maybe I will revisit them in the fall.

4. Yarn-I have no idea.

Pattern-my own, ankle socks.
Fate-these have been a WIP for well over a year (maybe two). I don't want to use the yarn for anything else, so they may just sit until I don't have any other socks in progress (yeah, like THAT would ever happen-I can dream, can't I?).

5. Yarn-Trekking held double stranded.

Pattern-my own, simple rib.
Fate-just started these this weekend. They are for the BoyToy. I have to cast on 80 stitches on size 4's for his HUMUNGOUS feet. These are my no-brainer socks.

6. Yarn-My 2-ply
Handspun from Louet Northern Lights.
Pattern-my own, simple rib.
Fate-slowly but surely these are getting done!

7. Yarn-Cabezon Superwash Merino.

Pattern-my own, simple rib.
Fate-slowly but surely!

Aren't I done yet?!? I still cannot believe how many socks there are!

8. Yarn-
Pattern-Swirly Girl.
Fate-Not sure, I'd like to finish it, but since I don't use a lot of patterns, and this one with yarn overs....I keep getting eyelets where they are not supposed to be! I cannot live with mistakes like that, so this one gets put away quite often. I don't always have the concentration, even though the pattern is extremely easy.

9. Yarn-
Mountain Colors Twizzle.
Pattern-my own, simple rib.
Fate-well, these are the BoyToy's too. That means alot of stitches on bigger needles. At least there is only grafting left on sock 1, but then I need to start sock 2.

10. Yarn-
Pure Merino (Berroco).
Pattern-my own, ankle socks.
Fate-For my mother (Mom, if you're reading this, sorry they're not done yet, I promise they will be soon!).

11. Yarn-Cold Flames Superwash Merino by
Pattern-well, none yet.
Fate-this was an attempt at using larger needles. I knit really tight for socks and find myself ABSOLUTELY HAVING to cast on at least 80 stitches.

12. Yarn-Trekking.

Pattern-my own, simple rib.
Fate-just started, in a fit of startitis, because I just love Trekking and have been staring at this colorway for quite some time.

13. Yarn-Bullfrogs and Butterflies (Lorna's Laces).

Pattern-my own, ankle socks.
Fate-started for my mother who loved the first pair I made for her with this yarn, she felt it was a bit too tight, so they will be given to CIC through my LYS when I am finished.

Wow, I cannot believe I could even remember all that! At least I wasn't using patterns, so I didn't have to remember those. Somebody slap me!

The question is: can a knitter have too many socks on the needles?


Maia said...

I probably have 10 or so SIPs (socks in progress). I wouldn't feel bad about it. Knitting is something you do for joy, why gunk it up with guilt.

yarnahoy said...

Great picture.
They all look like colorful spagetti waiting to be eaten & they all look delicious!