Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sunny Days

I just love to spin on sunny days. I feel as if my consistency is better when I can actually see what I'm doing with the fibers in front of me.

I've been spinning with Louet's Northern Lights quite alot recently. I had ordered a few half pound bags back in January (I think) from my LYS. I had gotten one colorway in right away, but the other was on back order for several months. I spun up half of the first bag rather quickly, itching to know how the colors would turn out. I was less than happy with the Desert Brush, but I am making socks with the 20 WPI 2-ply. My LYS had ordered a few colors to have in the store (and because I was still waiting for my backordered bag), I could not resist buying the colorway Sunset. This beautiful fingering-sock weight yarn is for sale in My Etsy Shop, check it out, I named the yarn Fire.

By now it is March and still, no backorder of Northern Lights are in. So what do I do? Buy another colorway that my LYS had in stock. This time it was Toffee. I was unsure if I even liked the colors, but I liked the way Sunset had spun up, so I gave it a try. This skein is also up in my etsy shop. However, when I was just getting the first few yards of the singles on the bobbin, my backordered fiber FINALLY came in!! Of course, I had to finish the Toffee before I could start spinning the new bag (which I did, I swear!).

I am so excited about this new colorway that I've decided to spin up the whole bag (8 ounces) instead of just half, which is what I did for all the other colorways. Finally, I am proud to show you Violets (a work in progress)... This is about 3 ounces on the bobbin, with another 5 still in roving form. I'm spinning this singles alot thicker than my previous three yarns, which is kind of why I decided to spin up the whole bag. I am hoping for a 2 ply dk or light worsted...we'll see how it turns out!

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sarah said...

Lovely spinning... I like the Desert Brush,too. Very subtle. And the Violets is stunning. I want some now. But I don't need any more roving, I really, really don't!