Friday, April 20, 2007

Dream Roving

A few weeks ago, I dreampt of this lovely roving that I had never seen before. The colors where just to die for! The very next day, I was reading Sanguine Gryphon's Blog and actually SAW my dream roving. I couldn't believe it...was it fate? Of course I had to make a comment to tell Gryphon that she had just dyed the roving of my dreams. I was even more excited when she offered to dye some just for me! I absolutely could not wait for my roving to get to me. When it finally did, the first thing I did was take picutres--I hadn't even gotten the box into my house I was so excited! I was lucky that the light was good that day, the pictures capture the roving magnificently. I rarely take pictures of fibers before I spin them, but I wanted to keep this memory forever.

I haven't begun spinning it yet, I think it's just too beautiful and in all my excitement I haven't been able to bring myself to take it out of the braids.

Thanks Gryphon!!

Note added later: I am hoping to knit a sweater when I'm done spinning.


The Sanguine Gryphon said...

You're so very very welcome. It's not often one gets to fulfill someone's dream! I'm looking forward to seeing the spun version.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

It is gorgeous! Do you know what you want to make from it yet?

Elizabeth said...

Wow Jamisyn, I think you better pay close attention to your dreams!