Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Got Spin?

I finished spinning and plying Violets before I left for the retreat this past weekend, but I didn't have time (or proper light) to take pictures. It was a treat plying this stuff. I didn't end up spinning the whole 8 ounces. Instead, I squeezed as much as I could onto one bobbin (about 5.25 ounces). I like having one continuous strand of yarn, so I decided against putting four ounces each onto two bobbins. This will leave me with a little bit to play around with or spin some lace weight for a nice shawl.

I have about 335 yards, but I haven't measured the WPI yet. I'm assuming it is somewhere around dk weight, but it could be a heavy fingering. Either way, it will one day make some really nice socks.

I also started spinning my dream roving the other night. I wanted to wait until I had quite a bit on the bobbin to show pictures. I am spinning this inconsistent and a little lumpy (I want this yarn to actually look like handspun). I am planning on making a sweater, although I don't know exactly how much yardage will come out of the pound I have. I am loving the colors so much, the pictures don't really do it any justice. I am spinning it so that the color repeats are very long and I think it will be so gorgeous! I only have Sanguine Gryphon to thank for this dream come true!


Dragonfly Fiber Designs said...

Lovely stuff! Look forward to seeing it plied and knitted.

Sarah said...

Very pretty! I really keep meaning to get back into spinning, but there's so much fun stuff to knit.
I'm a proud IN grad. I did my undergrad at Valparaiso, and I'm just finishing up my master's at Notre Dame. Does engineer = Purdue for you?