Sunday, June 17, 2007

Alright. So. Thursday 6/7 was the day I was supposed to move in to my new place. BUT, the painting and carpeting was not finished. It was supposed to be all done and I didn't find out it wasn't until I called landlord to figure out what time to meet for the keys...two days before supposed move-in date. So, everything was rescheduled for Sunday when landlord assured us that all would be complete. Sunday comes, truck is packed and due back at rental place at 6 p.m.. Made plans to be there around 11 a.m. 11 a.m. call landlord. Not finished with carpeting or painting. We Wait. Fiddle around old place for awhile. Still waiting. 4 p.m. leave for new place.

5:30 arrive at new place to find old tenant still loading a uhaul in the driveway. WTF?!? The garage is packed with old tenant's crap. We ask old tenant, is there anyway we can help speed this up? He's says "no, but I can drag my feet," WT-double-F?!? Landlord arrives (what an idiot). Go inside the empty place (at least old tenant's stuff was only in garage). DID A FOUR YEAR OLD PAINT THIS PLACE?!? Some walls are only half painted, some only have the edges painted. No one even bothered to paint the ceiling, which is a different color than the somewhat painted walls. Some rooms weren't even painted. And paint was everywhere, all over the woodwork, counter tops, etc. Let me point out that old tenant was responsible for painting and carpeting because old tenant raised 15 Pitt-bulls in the garage. The place was a wreck and I believe old tenant was a meth-head, no kidding. So, when old tenant left in his uhaul, he left the garage full of stuff. So, idiot landlord and everyone else including me had to drag all this crap out of the garage. The entire two-car driveway was filled with his stuff. Idiot landlord took two days to get the stuff picked up and taken to a dump. Oh, did I mention there wasn't even a fridge? So, while we were dragging old tenant's stuff out, landlord goes to pick up a fridge. Landlord doesn't tie fridge down in truck, and fridge falls out of truck onto road while landlord is driving. Landlord wants to put this fridge in the kitchen. I don't think so. Convince landlord to take back claiming damaged product. Landlord comes back with undamaged working fridge, thank god. Once all old tenant's trash was out of the garage, we were finally able to start moving in. Around 9 or 10, we finished unloading the truck.

I don't even want to talk about why I didn't have internet for so long, so I won't, I'm going to pretend I did have it and there were no problems ;).

So, I have been able to spin for a total of maybe two hours in the last two weeks. I've been spinning this fiber for a little while now. I've been reluctant to show it until I got a little more on the bobbin. I am really loving this fiber.

This is kid mohair. This is my first experience with kid mohair. I must say, I wish I had bought more of this fiber. I acquired this beautiful roving at The Fiber Event in Greencastle, IN back in mid-April. I also got a lot of other fibers that I will be showing over the next week. Unfortunately, there hasn't been much knitting. But this yarn will become a shawl as I have joined the Spun Stitches KAL.


Saffista said...

Make sure that you change all of the locks! What is the landlord doing about the painting? If you do the painting and/or carpeting make sure you get rent credit for materials AND labor. You will want to be sure to get everything in writing and consider an agreement where you get 3 estimates and then fix anything that goes wrong in the house and then take it out of the rent. Lisa used to do property management and when we first moved to IN we were renting and working this our landlord. This will end up making you a lot happier in the end if this guy is as much of a jerk off as he seems to be already!


Sarah said...

jyThat's insane. At least you have pretty yarn. How do you spin so thin?

Jamisyn said...

Sam-We have yet to pay rent. He's not a jerk, he's just an idiot!!

Sarah-When I started spinning, I practiced and practiced and practiced. Now that I spin thin, it's hard to spin thick. The kid mohair is also really easy to spin thin. I'm really loving it!

The Sanguine Gryphon said...

Holy bloody crap. That's really all I can say to that story.

Dragonfly Fiber Designs said...

Beautiful spinning, Jamisyn. Yea, how do you spin so thin?