Friday, June 8, 2007

More socks and Moving Woes

I'm finally getting some of these socks finished. Quite a few of my SIP's got ripped, but I'm working on getting the ones I liked done. I had finished a pair of my handspun the other day, and hopefully this #1 will be done tonight and #2 will be started.

I was supposed to be moving yesterday. Well, things didn't work out as planned. For the past three days, we had to rearrange everything from utility shutoffs to the truck rental and even had to change our change of addresses because we are now moving (hopefully) on Sunday. I can't even begin to explain my frustrations with this whole situation. We had people taking off work and everything....I can only hope that we actually get moved on Sunday and thank goodness those people still wanted to help!

Update for Samantha:
I frogged five pairs and finished two. I just finished sock #1 pictured above and will caston tonight for sock #2.

The yarn I used for this sock was bought on Etsy. I've tried to go back to the person's shop, but I don't think they are a member anymore. It was MCY, or MysticalCreationsYarns. I never thought it would stripe quite like this and I love it!!


Che said...

Nice master piece.
Plz add my blog:

Saffista said...

We were wondering how many of those socks you still had on the needles. It's good to know that you are the topic of conversation around town, isn't it?


Sarah said...

That's striping really nicely.

a blossom knits said...

OH WOW! What is this yarn??? Your knitting is amazing.